Gamepad Map

Gamepad Map converts gamepad input to keyboard and mouse actions.

  • Works with virtually any Windows game or application
  • Supports analog key-press and mouse movements
  • Load and save presets for multiple controllers

Download Gamepad Map v6.3.2

  • 30-day full-featured trial
  • Easy installation; no bundle-ware in the installer

Release Notes

  • Added support for media keys
  • Added automatic startup option and tray icon
  • Added notification when an updated version is available

Analog Input

Thumbsticks and triggers send analog keypresses and mouse movements

XInput Compatible

Use any XInput compatible controller including Xbox One, 360 and Logitech F710

Multi-controller Mapping

Set one profile for all controllers or each controller individually

Directional Templates

Easily set common four-direction scenerios

XML Import/Export

Easily load and save presets directly from the Windows clipboard


Enable auto-start and the gamepad is available when Windows starts

Gamepad Map converts gamepad input to keyboard and mouse actions and sends them to the foreground application. Analog controls are mapped to analog key-presses or mouse movements. Set all controllers to the same preset or each with their own preset. Multiple presents can be saved for each game and easily imported or exported in XML format.

Enjoy Gamepad Map free for 30-days! Buy a lifetime license and never pay for future upgrades.