Gamepad Map for Windows

Gamepad Map converts gamepad input to keyboard and mouse actions and sends them to the foreground application. Analog controls are mapped to analog key-presses or mouse movements. Set all controllers to the same preset or each with their own preset. Multiple presents can be saved for each game and easily imported or exported in XML format.

  • Works with virtually any Windows game or application
  • Supports analog key-press and mouse movements
  • Load and save presets for multiple controllers

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gamepad-map- (April 2017)

Analog Input

Thumbsticks and triggers send analog keypresses and mouse movements

XInput Compatible

Use any XInput compatible controller including Xbox One, 360 and Logitech F710

Multi-controller Mapping

Set one profile for all controllers or each controller individually

Directional Templates

Easily set common four-direction scenerios

XML Import/Export

Easily load and save presets directly from the Windows clipboard

Default presets

Three presets that contain generic mappings are available by default. A good way to test if your controller is connected is to move the right thumbstick. In each of the three default presets, the "Any Controller" is set up to move the mouse cursor. Restore any of these presets by selecting from the Set Config menu items.

Controller setup

You can plug in an XInput compatible controller at any time. Note that some controllers need XInput mode to be enabled. Connected controllers appear in the list box at the bottom right of the main window. The selected controller in this list box affects the mode of operation. If "Any Controller" is selected, all controllers will have the same mapping. If one of the other four controllers are selected each controller will have their own individual mapping. In this way each preset always contains five controller mappings. You selected the mode of operation and view/edit a mapping by selecting the controller.

Change a mapping

You can change the keyboard key that is activated by a gamepad button but clicking on the mapping. The mapping will stay in a checked state until you press the keyboard key for the mapping. By clicking on the dropdown box beside the mapping, you are able to map mouse actions. There are two options available for keyboard key mappings. "Analog Key" is the default for thumbsticks and triggers. Choose "Key Press" for thumbsticks and triggers to make them act like buttons. They will activate at a threshold of 50%. Select from the Media menu item to assign Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Volume, and Track mappings. Select the "Clear" menu item to remove a mapping.

Mapping visual feedback

Mappings will show brighter when their are activated. This is an on/off state for all "Key Press" mappings. "Analog Key" mappings will blink to show its activation frequency. A complete summary of all activations is available at the status bar.

Directional templates

Thubsticks and the directional-pad have templates for common 4-direction setup. Click on the dropdowns labeled "L-Thumb", "R-Thumb", or "D-Pad" to show the templates. Select one of arrow keys, ASDW keys, number-pad keys, mouse move, or mouse scroll to set all four directions at once.

Override sliders

A slider area is below each mapping that shows the current activation level. Hover the mouse over this area and the mouse cursor will change to a hand. By clicking in this area you will effectively be simulating controller input for that mapping. This is useful when you want to test settings without a controller.

Import/export mappings

Mappings for each of the five controllers in each preset can be imported and exported in XML text format. These functions are available as buttons near the bottom of the main window. Click "Copy" to export mappings to the clipoard, and "Paste" to import mappings from the clipboard. You can also export to a new Notepad window by clicking "Show Text".

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