Free Disk Reader for Windows

SafeCP uses raw disk access to read all the common filesystems. Actively developed for all OS from Windows XP to Windows 10. Read FAT, NTFS, ReFS, HFS+, APFS, exFAT, EXT, UFS partitions.

A common use of SafeCP is to recover user profile folders from externally connected disks. Whether the disk is from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, SafeCP makes it easy to retrieve the files.

It’s common for disks with bad sectors to stall Windows Explorer due to automatic drive letter assignment. You can use the easy to access controls to disable automount. Then connect your disk and open it with SafeCP.

SafeCP system requirements:


SafeCP is free to use in personal and commercial applications.

  • Right-click files to choose which viewer to open
  • Fixed hex viewer mod error
  • Changed monospace font to Courier New
  • Sharper icons
  • Viewers for text and rich text files
  • Hex/binary viewer added
  • Scan button on main window to calculate transfer size
  • Image preview available for raster formats
  • Default save path changed to user desktop directory
  • Improved disk read caching
  • Now processes subfiles before subfolders
  • Display current node path in transfer window
  • Updated status fields in transfer window
  • Now can start transfer without discovering file sizes
  • Optimized speed of filesystem detection
  • Added Visual C++ 2017 x86 DLLs to installation folder.
  • Added tooltips to hyperlinks on Select Disk dialog.
  • Initial release

Read APFS filesystem in Windows 10

Open Disk dialog in Windows 7

Transfer dialog in Windows XP

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