Screen Reader for Windows

Select any on-screen text and press Ctrl+dot. The text will be sent to Screen Reader to be spoken. Compatible with all Microsoft text-to-speech voices. Pause, resume, and skip paragraphs with one click.

  • Turn any selectable text on-screen into speech
  • Choose from text-to-speech voices included with Windows
  • Start speech by activating the hotkey Ctrl+dot or with a click

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screen-reader- (April 2017)

Speaks selected text

Select any on-screen text and press Ctrl+dot

Multilingual UI

Translated UI is available for 10 languages

Adjustable speech rate

Set speech rate from -10 to +10

Visual speech progress

Highlights current spoken word

Microsoft supplied text-to-speech voices

  • David (en-US)
  • Zira (en-US)
  • Hazel (en-UK)
  • Heera (en-IN)
  • Tracy (zh-HK)
  • Huihui (zh-CN)
  • Hanhan (zh-TW)
  • Hortense (fr-FR)
  • Hedda (de-DE)
  • Elsa (it-IT)
  • Haruka (ja-JP)
  • Heami (ko-KR)
  • Paulina (pl-PL)
  • Maria (pt-BR)
  • Irina (ru-RU)
  • Helena (es-ES)
  • Sabina (es-MX)
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