Screen Reader is a text-to-speech utility that is compatible with virtually any selectable text on the screen.

  • Turn any selectable text on-screen into speech
  • Choose from text-to-speech voices included with Windows
  • Start speech by activating the hotkey Ctrl+dot or with a click

Download Screen Reader v6.3.4

  • 30-day full-featured trial
  • Easy installation; no bundle-ware in the installer

Release Notes

  • Fixes for toolbar, tray icon, and DPI awareness
  • Added notification when updated version is available

Speaks selected text

Select any text on screen and either click on the speak button or press Ctrl+dot

Microsoft TTS voices

Use any of the text-to-speech voices installed as part of your Windows language pack

Multilingual UI

Translated UI is available for 10 international languages

Adjustable speech rate

Fine tune the rate of speech from -10 to +10

Visual speech progress

Highlights current word as speech progresses


Enable auto-start and text-to-speech is available when Windows starts

Simply select any text on the screen and press Ctrl+dot. The text will be sent to Screen Reader to be spoken. You can also select any text and click on the Speak button. Any Microsoft text-to-speech voice, and rate of speech can be selected. Pause, resume, and skip paragraphs with one click.

Enjoy Screen Reader free for 30-days! Buy a lifetime license and never pay for future upgrades.

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  • Lifetime license: US$14.99
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  • Licensed for use on up to 2 computers

  • Volume license: US$99.99
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  • Licensed for use on an unlimited number of computers in an organization
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